For "Polish Radio Experimental Studio Rebooted" - based on PRSE samples.

Vectors. Technological Study of 'Scalars' (2019)

Inherited Sounds (2019)

 Across Time Polyphony (2019)

Audio Tape Palimpsest (2018)

Augmented Radio Listening

ARL No 3 (2018)

Augmented Radio Listening

ARL No 2 (2017)

Recorded to Tape: Warszawa


Dwa uderzenia (2014)

For Radiophrenia (

Several old objects from the family house arrived at my place last year. A floor grandfather clock, various boxes and glasses, a counting machine, a typerwiter, a tube radio that still works. Starting the clock introduced a steady counter of time, ticking the seconds and striking the hours as it was in the old house. Touching the belongings brings the sounds that were listened to by many other people before. It’s like a tactile broadcast from the past, sharing the same sounds. The inherited sounds.

For 60 sec Radio

(  From „Inherited Sounds” project  )

Unpacking and touching old family belongings opens a sound „portal” to the past. The sound is brought from the past to intersect with the presence creating a space of shared listening.
Sounds of the objects come into being once more now, adding their layers to a time flow, marking passage of time as an old clock adding its ticking layer of the present time, as a tube radio still able to receive a current radio broadcast with the time signal. Overlapping layers unveil time polyphony of Inherited Sounds.

For Earlid Liminal Sounds (

Magnetic skin of an audio tape contains sound encoded in magnetic particles. Moving and rubbing the magnetic surface over the head gives the sound back while playing or fast rewinding. The latter might make the tape sing or scream. The tape can be reused creating a new sound image within the magnetic layer. The traces of older recordings may be found sometimes before the beginning and after the end of the new recording when the tape was not erased.
Several real audio snippets of “found footage” surrounding recordings were collected from the tapes while digitizing radio archives. Different tape speed, different direction of the old recording on reel-to-reel tape had created unexpected edits with the new material.

For 60 sec Radio

Typing “ARL3” allows to enter Augmented Radio Listening space of coexisting radio broadcasts. It is the very beginning of Radio Day 2018 heard through real concurrent radio transmissions, as though we could perceive all the waves at the same time, with distortions, modulations, movement. The broadcasts get synchronized in time and spread as potential signals ready to be decoded in radio receivers and listened to as real sound.
Fourteen sound streams of Polish radio stations were collected from 23:45 (Feb 12) to 00:45 (Feb 13) broadcast. This collage should be listened to on headphones as it uses binaural processing (which was programmed by Glen Fraser).

For Radiophrenia (

An audio representation of a space of coexisting radio broadcasts, crowded with numerous radio waves. It is structured in the form of short variations on the sound of concurrent radio transmissions, as though we could perceive all the waves at the same time, with overlaps, distortions, splits, modulations, vibrations and movement. It is based on real sound streams of several Polish radio stations, broadcast on Jun 29, 2017, collected from the beginning of each hour throughout the day and played back simultaneously as a sequence of variations. The piece should be listened to on headphones as it uses binaural processing.
The module for binaural processing and movement was programmed by Glen Fraser.

For Radiophrenia (

Digitization of audio archives is a time machine for recorded sounds and words on tapes, sounds of the past of people, places, cities. The tape recorder, a digitization tool, plays the sounds back and liberate them. It can rewind and transform sound into rapid streams. It can find the words. Warszawa. It can stop. Silence.
This short piece was prepared as “audio image from Warsaw” for a set of several audio composition ( Polish name of Warsaw appears in the title on purpose. It’s there on tape and you can hear it in Polish in the recording.

For a concert "Elektroniczne zaduszki" in memoriam of Włodzimierz Kotoński and Bohdan Mazurek (Warsaw, 3.11.2014)

"Two strokes" ("Dwa uderzenia") -  it is one of several electroacoustic miniatures of "Hommage à Włodzimierz Kotoński".